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How to Measure

How to Measure your Lampshade


in 1 - 2 - 3


Top Diameter - place a long enough ruler from end to end of wire


Bottom Diameter - place a long enough ruler from end to end of wire


Height Measurement - Place on a table and measure from the inside out. Our TOP Wire 5" and above recess from 1/4" - 1/2"

Various Lamp Parts - Standard

Finial - lamp accessory which secures lampshade to harp

Harp - u-shaped metal accessory which clicks in to harp holder

Socket - main power of source and where you attached light bulb

Harp Holder - attachment on lamp where the harp is secured to

Neck - division between lamp base and socket

Lamp Base - anchor to the entire lamp


Quick rule of thumb; the lampshade should cover half of the lamps neck as shown on photo below. Also the bottom wire of the shade must be larger than the base of your lamp. 


TOP Wire Styles


Does the lampshade fit?

Best to figure out what type of fitting your lampshades and lamp consist of before buying any of our shades. Most of our lampshades are created with standard wire styles to make it easy to fit to most lamps. 

* Standard Style 

What are the different wire styles? 

*Euro Wire - Don't let the name fool you this top wire is commonly used in the US for pendant lampshades fixtures. This top custom wire style is POP Lampshades standard pendant top wire for all sizes. 

*Basic Washer (aka; the Spider Washer) - Most commonly used wire out there, features a spider washer fitting and screws on to any standard lamp harp.  This popular wire is POP Lampshades standard top wire for lampshade sizes 5" and up. 

Uno-Bridge Top Wire -  Screws onto sill of lamp socket and can be also used on a lamp where the bulb hangs downward. 

Basic Washer with Bond for Reflector -  This wire features an area where a light diffuser would sit comfortably. 

*Clip Top  - Easy to use clip onto! The frame is made with two wire springs that attach directly to any light bulb. And is typically used on small lamps which have an exposed bulb.

Uno Wire  - Screws onto base of lamp socket and can be also used on a lamp where the bulb hangs downward. 

Chimney Top Wire  - Large center ring fits over glass chimney lamp. 

*Candelabra Clip Wire - Wire clips on to chandelier flamed shape light bulbs. Mostly used for wall sconces and chandeliers.

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